my mind is a rolodex of coats

    It’s 90 degrees in September and I’ve found myself lost in a Cav Empt wormhole. I’ve exhausted every one of the webstores that sell the brand, trying to capitalize on some end of the season sale. Sure, the shorts look nice, well-tailored, whatever; hats are immaculate; socks, tres magnifique. But what I’m really checking out is this oversized, weatherproof coat. I shouldn’t spend half of what it costs right now, and I couldn’t wear it for about 6 months, but I got my cursor on ‘checkout’. I think I have a problem.


    I’ve seen the glimmer of hope and love that sneakerheads have when they finally get their hands on some over-hyped sneakers; I know people who drool over some pair of Japanese vegan hemp-dyed, indigo free-range denim; but most people look at me wide-eyed when I say jackets are the true recipient of my longing. Being raised in the Midwest, I guess I may be predisposed to appreciate a good coat.

    Considering Minneapolis/Chicago’s weather is about as consistent as my laundry schedule, you gotta be prepared for anything. I take a weird sense of pride in having the necessary piece for any sort of post-apocalyptic weather scenario. From a 40000-fill Canada Goose for those grocery store runs on days with -40 windchill, or a breathable, weather-proof Gore Tex piece for when you’re caught biking in the rain. Some people are cool with a single jacket as their lifeline, but I like to have options.


    I suppose my interest lies at the intersection between functionality and aesthetics. Any design missteps in either category will be apparent day in and day out, especially for jackets, considering you gotta rock one nearly everyday in the winter. So I figured why not make a visual ode to my favorite genus in the apparel kingdom--here’s a bunch of jackets that I lose sleep over.

mackintosh jacket
rag& bone jacket

Known for their weather-defeating functionality, Mackintosh shows their clean-cut, yet bold aesthetic with this trench.

Acronym keeps it pretty minimal with their color choices, but when they linked with  Nemen for this J43-K, their impressive functionality meshed well with the Italian company's unique dye-processes.

Nearly every piece from Undercover's S/S 2015 collection was on point, but this coat stood out to me in particular. The baggy fit, color blocking, and front pockets had me sold at first sight.

This rag & bone jacket finds a way to harness the brightness of the sun for even the most overcast days. Complete with an awesome, bold color, and the technical execution to back it up.

acronym jacket
our legacy jacket

Stutterheim's timeless style and functional materials  consistently impress me. Although silhouettes are rather limited, they have fun with the colorways--like this striped-wonder here.

There's something about Our Legacy's unique minimalism that resonates with me. This light cotton jacket seems like something a 70's surf bro would wear as a long day turned into a chilly night

stutterheim jacket
the POOL aoyoma jacket

Everyone should have a coke-white coat in their closet. It's even better if it's waterproof and warm, which is the combo Stone Island struck with this beauty.

I love seeing how third-party designers incorporate Adidas' branding into their collabs. It seems fitting that Palace paired this retro-style track jacket with some blatant 3-Stripes logo work.

With roomy pockets, a nice collar, and minimal branding, this jacket by the POOL aoyoma would get regular wear if I got my hands on it.

Considering the price, I've yet to buy anything from Norse Projects. With that being said, this bright down jacket is the closest I got to clicking checkout on their site.

norse projects jacket
stone island jacket
palace adidas jacket

I slept on this Neighborhood x Cav Empt collab when it released initially, but I'd be lying if I said I can't see myself rocking it as an everyday light jacket in the fall.

Band of Outsiders and Mackintosh teamed up for a minimal yet unique piece with this trench. I always dig a nice gradient/dye treatment, but the plaid makes it even more awesome.

cav empt neighborhood jacket

Man do I wish North Face Purple Label was available in the states. Typically it's their bags/accessories that grab my eye, but this jacket looks to be a perfect solution to conquer Chicago's Winter.

While I haven't really dug much from Bape for a few years now, this navy camo trench is fuckin' rad. It's a pretty bold pattern, but if it was paired with a simple tee and pants, I think it'd be a great statement piece.

bape jacket
the north face purple label jacket